PhD Diet Whey (1kg)

PhD is a fat-burning protein shake, containing Whey protein, Milk Protein Concentrate, CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea, Flaxseed and Waxy Vol.



Me and my partner have been using this product for a week . I had been doing slimming world and the weight just wasn't budging as it's way too much carbs . We both have a shake for breakfast and one for lunch followed by a sensible meal tea time . We are working out three times a week for an hour each session . I have lost 6 lb in the first week , which is brill as I've only got a s

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PhD Diet Whey (1kg)

PhD Diet Whey (1kg) - All Reviews

Reviewer: Janine

Me and my partner have been using this product for a week . I had been doing slimming world and the weight just wasn't budging as it's way too much carbs . We both have a shake for breakfast and one for lunch followed by a sensible meal tea time . We are working out three times a week for an hour each session . I have lost 6 lb in the first week , which is brill as I've only got a stone to loose to get to target . My partner , who had three stone to loose, has lost 8lb in one week .we will continue with this product as it really does shift the weight and we don't feel hungry !!

Reviewer: gaz

only shake i can stomach,quit smoking ,gained weight.15+stone.started dieting when couldnt bend over and tie shoelaces,used phd and dropped a stone within 6weeks.from 38 inch waste to 34.CHEERS PHD

Reviewer: JW

I have been using for a week with no problems. I mix will unsweetened almond milk, ice and frozen berries. I have a nutriblast and mix with that to make a smoothie. It works well and tastes great.

Reviewer: Charm

Your I have only been taking it fot a week and I habe had major tummy upset just like the first reviewer. I think I will have to stop taking it as it is so uncomfortable.

Reviewer: Alexandra

Hi! I got the same problem like Maria

I started taking the Belgian chocolate today. The taste is fine but my big problem is I have had major tummy upsets. I haven't noticed anyone else on this site complain of this. Should I persevere? Is this a problem others have experienced? Its such a big bag and a real waste of money if I have to stop using it. I was really keen to see if it would help with my fibromyalgia pain plus weight loss but not quite su what to do!"

Does anyone have an answer for this?

Reviewer: Mike

Bar the price this stuff is fab, yes it is a little gritty at times and best mixed with say a hand blender to get it truely smooth but it is tolerable for me anyway... I have the strawberry one and its smells good and tastes of strawberrys so result there, totally satisfys my cravings and holds off my hunger for a good 4 or 5 hours afterward...Use this at work for my lunch followed by a gym session when I finish and I have lost 10lbs in around 2 months and feel good again!

Reviewer: Danny

I have been using this for just over a month now and I have toned up significantly. I have the white chocolate flavour and it tastes great compared to other supplements I've tried.

Reviewer: Roar

Been using Phd diet whey as meal replacement for breakfast. Together with a lot of training I dropped 7+8 kgs the first 4 weeks, also tried to eat as healthy as possible the rest of the meals.. A lot of good aids for the weight loss in the products so for sure It helps with the weight loss... Have 4 different tastes, white chico, strawberry, vanilla & Belgian chico.. I do not favor any of them and thinks all
tastes good... Recommend to buy 1 kg packets as the 2 kg is a waste if you shouldn't like the taste...Will come back with a updated review at 8 weeks

Reviewer: Cindy

I purchased the Diet Whey Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate. Tried both today (with water and milk) and it tastes disgusting, I simply can't drink it! Half way through the shaker I felt like throwing up!!! Horrible, horrible taste and I don't think this requires a bit of "getting used to", it's just horrible.

Reviewer: Maria

I started taking the Belgian chocolate today. The taste is fine but my big problem is I have had major tummy upsets. I haven't noticed anyone else on this site complain of this. Should I persevere? Is this a problem others have experienced? Its such a big bag and a real waste of money if I have to stop using it. I was really keen to see if it would help with my fibromyalgia pain plus weight loss but not quite su what to do!

Reviewer: lost1234

The vanilla cream one tastes really bad and isn't easy to mix with water! and too thick, hard to swallow. I don't know how i'm going to finish the whole thing!

Reviewer: donperryon

Used to use this stuff amazing makes me feel better and tummy feels flatter

Reviewer: Adam

I have been using Phd lean matrix for 6 weeks now. I do a mix of cardio and fixed resistance training 3-4 times a week and its been far easier with this shake. I have cut 18lb in the 6 weeks using phd as a breakfast, then chicken/turkey and veg at lunch, 2nd shake at 2pm ish then another shake after a visit to the gym. I started out at 15st 8lb and I am now 14st 4lb. I have been using Grenades thermo detonators alongside the shake and I feel great. Bags of energy. This is the first and only weight loss attempt I have made and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Reviewer: Tom

Bloody horrible. Doesn't mix well at all, really grainy. Tried it with water. Almost threw up it was that bad. I've been having it with milk but it still isn't any better. I have the vanilla and it tastes horrible. I dare say the strawberry flavour will be the same as I got two bags in a offer. I might start mixing it into homemade smoothies.

Reviewer: John

I have strawberry flavour. It's really tough to drink, really bitty and doesn't mix well. Doesn't even taste like strawberry. Only advice is its better with ice cold water.

Reviewer: Shauna

I have vanilla creme and i think it's amazing, i always go for vanilla in protein shakes but this is definitely the best i've had so far. I look forward to drinking it it's that yummy. I find it mixes quite well in a decent protein shaker, i use the recommended amount of water and nothing else. I've only started using it less than a week ago so i still need time too assess the effects, but as of now it's curbing my food cravings and giving me plenty of energy. I'd definitely recommend it.

Reviewer: Jen

PhD is amazing! 2 scoops for breakfast and lunch totally curbs my hunger and I have so much energy! For people saying it doesn't taste good, try it some different ways! I have 2 scoops of the chocolate one with water, milk and ice. Mix it rigorously with a fork, then shake it for a good 2 mins to break of the powder. Sometimes I blend mine with water, ice, milk, strawberries and a tablespoon of fat free yoghurt and a teaspoon of sweetener, it's just like a milkshake! Drink within 30 mins and before exercise for the best results :)

Reviewer: Tom Jam

I cant find any evidence of fat burning so why is it advertised as a fat burning diet shake. Has it been proven as such and if so can you refer me to the science please.

Reviewer: Steph

Literally can't stand the taste of this - I dread each sip. Wish I knew how to make this taste better, as water and milk haven't worked for me... :0(

Reviewer: Viv

The Belgium Chocolate flavour one is the best whey ever, I'm so addicted to it and can't believe something that tastes so good can also help you lose weight.
I have it every day after yoga, blended with water and strawberries, it tastes like ice cream, so creamy, amazing !!!

Reviewer: clare

Don't know why people say it doesn't mix well - just give it a good shake in a protein powder shaker and it's perfect. The PHD one with the metal ball works well. I have the vanilla and it tastes okay - kind of like strong flavoured vanilla ice cream. I'll probably go with the chocolate next time though. I'm doing a shake for breakfast, one for lunch and then proper dinner around 6pm as well as working out using a Jillian Michaels DVD. Weight is falling off but even though it keeps me full I still get food cravings.

Reviewer: Alex

I have been using the product from 2 weeks now I started at 17 stone 13 pounds I have lost 13 pound in these two weeks havin the supplement as breakfast and eating healthy I have also been usin mega fat burners to help these are well worth a try however I have been passing a liquid fetis for the last week what would this be

Reviewer: amanda mc

been using PHD diet shake for months now after losing 3 1/2 stone on Cambridge diet but putting some of it back on I wanted to find a cheaper alternative and found phd at my gym , excellent product ! my fave is strawberry its uber easy to mix just a 20 second shake and its mixed , don't get how ppl say its hard to mix ?? I only mix it with water tho , its working the same as the cwp losing 1lb oer day which is amazing takes me a week to lose 1lb on a normal diet ! give it a go ppl u wont be disappointed , u can get cash back on your purchases if u use topcashback site too , avoid the white choc it smells and tastes like sick ! urgh but the Belgian choc and strawverry are lovely tasting !

Reviewer: sammy

Your Reviewive been taking phd for 3days now. But to get a second opinion., does anyone no when the best times to take Phd? Would like to hear some views to see whats best.

Reviewer: Arfan

Tastes bad but drink able.

Reviewer: Tony

Your Review I have lost 35lb in a year doing a lot of jogging I seem to have stopped the same weight for the last 2 months so thought I would try this only take it for breakfast once a day lost 4lb in first week very good up to now.

Reviewer: johnson

Your Review. this stuff is great. Lost a stone in a month. What is irrertating are some of the comments that people make. They clearly dont no what they are talking about. Its grainy because its got flaxseed in it. A very important part of the process. Notecomended had any silly issues like not being able to swallow. If u cant even use a mucle to swallow a shake id stay out of the gym. Great stuff 100% rfor people who know what they are doing!!

Reviewer: ashleigh

LOVE IT! I have chocolate and it tastes amazing. On my first week i lost 5lbs with exercise only twice a week!

Reviewer: iria c


Reviewer: Georgina

I have been using this now for 4 days.. Not very long but I can already see it's working.
I have been training lightly.. And I have lost 3 lbs in 4days! I have the Belgian chocolate one and I have been using it twice a day for meal replacement but I've also been occasionally having some clean salad and veg at lunchtime with a one scoop shake. I have been eating dinner as normal.. Minus the carbs. And replaced all drinks with water. I shall update again in a couple of weeks. Definitely recommend so far :)

Reviewer: vtiniall

Another update on the PhD Diet Whey Protein and Ripped Freak Fat Burners. I have been on these products since 19th of november. I have been training twice per week and sticking to a dirt recommended to me by the guy in the Supplement store, it is one that he is on.

I have seen some good results. I have dropped from 103.9Kgs to about 98Kg and I have dropped from 28% bodyfat to 20% bodyfat. Sticking to the diet and excercise, I have achieved that loss in about three weeks. That is with moderate training. As it is suggested to be on the protein for 8 weeks and then off for two, then with the Fat burners, I can stay on them for longer. I am hoping for greater results during the second course. I am hoping for more weight loss as my target is 89Kg or there abouts and to drop to around 15 to 18% bodyfat. I will be upping my training accordingly. So hopefully I will see some good results soon.

Reviewer: cyrus

I used this to lose weight before my wedding in March worked a charm, has strawberry flavour and was like a mcdonalds milkshake lol, great tast plus kept me feeling full and stopped snacking at work lost 2 stone in 2 months plus also used phd lean degree with diet whey as a stack deffo doing it again

Reviewer: Ads

Very good and comment below you have to mix with water/milk the leave it for 5 mins then it tastes much better and easier to swallow

Reviewer: Ads

Very good and comment below you have to mix with water/milk the leave it for 5 mins then it tastes much better and easier to swallow

Reviewer: Amos

Tastes really foul. Woody. Difficult to get down. Mixes badly with water. Mixes really badly with milk. If you ignore the 5-star reviews on here from the manufacturers, you can see a lot of people have reservations about this product. It may work but only if you can bring yourself to swallow it. Personally I'd rather jug down congealed cow snot.

Reviewer: Danny

Been using it for 8 months as a supplement rather than replacing meals. Mixes well in a decent shaker, white chocolate and Belgian chocolate are pretty tasty. Helped build lean muscle without bulking and keep the fat off (exactly what is says on the pack). Always on offer somewhere on the internet so shop around for the best deal

Reviewer: vtiniall

An update to my initial review that I have made. I initially weighed in at 103.9Kgs and 27.9% bodyfat. 7 days on from the initial measurements. I have dropped from 103.9Kgs to 99.3Kgs and dropped my bodyfat % from 27.9 to 25% bodyfat. With that clothes are fitting better and alot looser. People are telling me that certainly see a differance, as I am not bloated looking now. My boss commented on it last friday. That was really sticking to my diet and training twice a week. I will be stepping up the training this week, so I am hoping for some good results again at the end of another 7 day period. I will keep you informed.
I know the initial weight loss is more than likely down to reduction in water weight. As I was going to the toilet more often on a FULL tank. The Ripped Freak Fat burners seem to be working, no ill affect from them, given that they are meant to be stronger then the Lipo6 and Lipo6 black hers, I have tried. The Protein shake are still going down well, especially with Ice cold water. As the chocolate is sweet, it goes down better with Ice cold water rather then tap water.

Reviewer: vtiniall

I have started today to take the PhD chocolate Whey Protein shake, two per day, stacked with two tabs of Ripped Freak Fat Burners. I have to say I have used many shakes before and they where Rank, just couldn't put it down my throat. I use two scoops with 400ml of ice cold water, for me the water has to be ice cold. With 400 instead of 350ml, it is a little less thick and it tastes alot better. I have no ill affects like sick stomach, Dizzyness. NOTHING. I have not experienced sudden urges of energy, shakes. I am coupling the supplemnts with a low carb, high protein diet. I will keep posting update as to how I get on.

For today I have had two Tabs and two shakes with a high protein meal, dont feel stuffed, just satisfied. Heading into work tomorrow and I will do the same and see if I get any different feelings or results. I got good advise on what supplement and fat burners to use, so I will see.

So I am 5ft 11, I weigh in at 103.9Kg with 27.9% Bodyfat. So over the duration of each supplements, I will see what I can drop of both weight and bodyfat. Just to mention, I am not affiliated with either of these supplements. Just wanted to highlight my progress and see if they work.

Reviewer: John

Been taking one for breakfast and one for lunch and a sensible meal on an evening and I have lost just over 1 stone in 3 weeks and the wife has lost 10lbs. Put it in a blender with a handful of mixed berries and it tastes delicious. keeps you going for about 4 hours.

Reviewer: Big g

Just started Using the vanilla , and replacing lunch with the shake , using a blender , hand full of ice 25ml of milk and gotto say it tastes brilliant , like a McDonald's thick shake could def eat this day in day out , just waiting for some good results, hopefully will shift a stone in 5 weeks with training included

Reviewer: Daleyboy

Best diet whey there is helps weight loss and lean muscle growth A+++++;

Reviewer: Chris

Good stuff! the texture is bad to start with but you get used to it, but this is helping me a lot.

Reviewer: DON

Are there any side-effects to using diet whey protein? e.g mood swings,spots etc.

Reviewer: Claire

For all the people out there who keep moaning about this product being lumpy, all you have to do is buy a hand blender for roughly 5 from Tesco and problem solved, smooth milkshake with no lumps

Reviewer: C-J

This Stuff is amazing!! I found it hard to shift any weight and then I started having one of these shakes for breakfast.. in 6 weeks I lost 18lbs!!! I didnt really like the taste of it much, I found it a bit grainy.. (but thats just me) so I tried putting a scoop of Vanilla powder in a blender with ice and berries with half milk and half water and OMG sooo yummy! and keeps me full for about 4-5 hours!! I will never give this up as my breakfast!

Reviewer: Brandon

Really impressed with diet whey - would recommend!

Reviewer: Shelly hillyer

This stuff is amazing, I've tried every diet going and could not lose 1 lb until I started the shakes.
I've lost 8lbs in 5 weeks. And I'm still going strong! I've got a couple of stone to lose still which I piled on after baby number 2. Only downside is the taste of some of the shakes are rank and the price is so expensive!

Reviewer: ajcr

Reading the reviews I thought that this would be horrendous to get down as I have not got the best of stomachs. On the first go I mixed it perfect with water and found it ok to drink, I have made a few mistakes with the water but if you get it right its ok. Have lost about 4lbs in the 2 weeks since been using it. I dont believe that it gives you massive weight loss, event though my bootcamp trainer recommended it to me, I dont find that my sweet tooth isnt as bad since using whey and maybe that why I have lost a bit of wieght whilst toning up


Reviewer: Geoff

I have only just started using diet whey, so far I would have to agree that's it's grainy and with milk can be a chore to get down, but in saying that it tastes great and it's stats are impressive too, compared to other brands it maybe slightly lacking in numbers but still this is only very slightly, so when I consider the price difference it's a winner for me! As with any supplement though it still has to be part of a varied and balanced diet and along with a good exercise I think anyone will be laughing, I use one a day in the morning before I cycle to work, have a diet whey bar around mid
Morning an then 4 small meals from then on, I have never been into big breakfasts so this works a treat for me and used to supplement your protein needs its a cracking buy!

Reviewer: Irish warrior

So two years ago to the month I was 18s6pounds and decided I needed to do something about it. I hit the gym 4times aweek and tried to behave when it came to food, but still had the odd chippy. Over 6months of hard work I lost 3s6pounds and over the last year and abit I have just been maintaining the weight I lost but my goal was always to get to 14s. Over the last two months I lost another few pounds but it is getting harder so I decided to look around and found phd diet whey, I thought bonus build some muscle and loose some weight at the same time. 3weeks ago I bought a 1kg bag choc flavor and gave it ago, in 3weeks I have lost 9pounds and have put on some serious muscle, it says to take twice Aday but I only take it once as my lunch, I haves just bulk ordered 8kg of it, def worth a try even if you just buy a 1kg bag first, it took me a few days to get used to the taste and texture as I have never taken anything like this before, but I now love it.

Reviewer: Zee

This product is a product that actually works! and tastes great too! I would recommend this product for anyone trying to loose weight as I have lost a stone and a half in 2 weeks with a little bit of a workout. This product also works whilst doing not working out completely.

Reviewer: sarah

I have given phd diet whey three stars because it is just so damn hard to get it down EVERY day. I have used slim fast in the past and found that much easier. My PT recommended phd diet whey as a more effective alternative - in his own words "its a version of slim fast I would actually use" - I can see that this is right (even jodie marsh has used it apparently) but wow, getting this down my neck every day is tough :/

Reviewer: sniffmedog

I was 18 stone in 6 weeks taking this twice a day and proper meal i have lost a stone and half. plus minor exercise has helped... defo recommend!!

Reviewer: Fay

I love this. I lost weight so fast combining it with diet and exercise. Lost 2 kilos in 4 days, from 57kilo on sunday and down to 55k by Wednesday. Prior to taking diet whey, only lost a kilo a week. Love them and they taste great too. Am taking belgian choc and white choc.

Reviewer: Jade

Keeps you full and has a decent amount of protein to help your muscles after a workout. Stops me wanting to eat everything in sight!
2 scoops which makes up with water to a good 500-600ml is 199kcal, 35g Protein, 8g Carbs (4g Sugar), 3.07g Fat (1.1g Sat Fat) a large McDonalds chocolate shake is 500kcal, 13g Protein, 86g Carbs (67g Sugar), 10g Fat (7g Sat Fat) so all the idiots saying may as well have a McDonalds milkshake go right ahead! If you can't provide a helpful review don't bother providing one at all!

Reviewer: Aman

I've just bought phd diet way as I want to lose extra fat ang get lean. The only question I had is do you actually replace meals with the diet whey?

Reviewer: Matt

I snapped my achilles 12 months ago and put on 6 stone as I could not train and was depressed
I then when able to started serious weight training using phd diet whey. I have so far lost 7 stones and 20 per cent body fat. My waist was 44 it's now 36 and I'm looking at doing a show this year. I can't say it's all down to the whey but it is a definite big factor I absolutely swear by it.

Reviewer: Moosmumma

Have used diet whey in conjunction with lean degree and the fat melted away and the weight fell off. Have stopped using it for the last 2 months and my weight has plateaued,and my muscle has depleted slightly. Have been doing high impact cardio such as Bodyattack and Bodycombat combined with weights but not noticed any difference. My diet is varied and sensible. going to give it another go to see what happens.

Reviewer: ciara

been reading all the reviews. I have just had a baby and am wanting to loose my baby belly i go to the gym 3-5 times a week and eat sensible and its still as wobbly as ever will this help to tone even a baby belly im not worried about loosin weight just the belly?

Reviewer: Katie

I love this prouct, have been trying to shape up for a taekwondo exam, was getting pretty fit training 6 days per week but not shifting some stubborn weight. Have been having one sometimes 2 shakes a day and a normal evening meal and the weight is dropping off - 4 lbs this week so far.

Reviewer: Lucy

ive put one star, as ive taken a couple of scoops but just started on this product really. ive seen so many mixed reviews for this. the main thing/s i want to know is... for women does it help lose fat... I do weights, body combat and body attack.. high cardio bought this one because it was on offer in my local supermarket. and also, how many scoops should I have a day to lose decent fat but not too fast so its unhealthy. tar

Reviewer: Lorna

I have been taking protein for six months now - tried two other brands - and then bought diet whey on a whim. The first time I had it I mixed it with semi-skimmed milk and nearly puked it was so thick!! Now I mix it with water and love it. I have started a new 12 week weightlifting program and am hoping this will give me extra definition. Glad the majority of the reviews are positive in this respect but it doesn't bother me too much as at the end of the day I just want to supplement my diet with extra protein to keep my muscles happy :-)

Reviewer: Outstanding

As the title says - outstanding - I am losing belly fat on an almost daily basis! Having tried the phd pharma whey before this is MUCH more effective for fat loss.

Reviewer: SPIDEY

DIET WHEY is the best no doubt whey protein it makes you LOSE FAT and GAIN MUSCLE at the saem time - I use this with phd SYNERGY twice a day and I've never looked better! I would add though avoid the phd HMB - does nothing IMO what a waste of money!!

Reviewer: rachael

amazing diet shake much better than slim fast and weight watchers NOT just for men!!

Reviewer: Deb

I have been using diet whey in conjunction with phd lean degree capsules, which i bought as a bundle for a very good price. I am in pretty good shape anyway, but wanted to g. I trao to the next level and increase muscle defination and size, whilst shifting some stubborn pockets of fat. So far, so good. This product is really supporting my training, and am noticing fat shifting from all the right places to achieve tbat super-lean look. I am still using another brand of protein, at different times of the day but phd diet whey has really spoilt me for other shakes as they taste nasty in comparison. Diet Whey is def my fave tasting shake and it mixes well too.

Reviewer: g dog

noticed some weight loss but not amazing losses. my diets strict and tailored and i train 4-5 times a week ? i dont think its worth the money .. i mix my protein and water with a shaker using a wire ball and still is stupidly grainy and lump and when i open my shaker dry protein powder spurts everywhere .. hmm mixed review

Reviewer: Amanda

Phd diet whey is a product I've been thinking of trying for a while the CLA is great for health reasons, green tea is DEFINITELY worthwhile for fat loss and the acetyl l carnitine I've used from Reflex before on its own. Having used the phd diet whey for a few weeks now I can safely say you get the same rush and fat loss on the scales as taking the bits on their own and with a great tasting shake to boot!

Reviewer: Debs

Really nice tasting a little grainy but it doesn't matter because it works a treat

Reviewer: daisy

nice tasting but think the Reflex Diet Protein has a slightly better profile!!

Reviewer: dave q

really nice shake - you have to shake it pretty hard to make it mix fully but once you do, its choco heaven!!

Reviewer: GeorgeO

Well a dont know if its just me but i started using the diet whey around 6 weeks ago and im not one to boast but im in great shape lost a bit of body fat but i have just toned up. Im now at the start of my gaining weight diet to become bigger but honestly dont buy this thinking if i drink 2 shakes a day i will lose weight, you will not you need to put the time in at the gym or exercise in some other way

Reviewer: Ads

Just brought the product so can't give a fair review yet. I've only heard good things about This product in all honesty. Was using a similar phd product and was recommended this. Does taste amazing mind you

Reviewer: lorraine

I've been taking this for 3 weeks to lose some extra weight, so i have been having 3 of these a day with 2 litres of water and i have lost a stone and a half. I didnt like the taste with water so i mixed mine with low fat milk.
This is week 4 and i am now eating one high protein meal plus 2 shakes and the weight is still coming off not as fast but at least its not regain. my hair, nails and skin have improved. so an all around winner!!!!

Reviewer: LazyP

Taking into everything into account I think this is a great product for people who want to lose fat.
Though! I am worried about the long term effects because most things either are to good to be true or come at a price. For the record it fills me up big style for ages just one bar

Reviewer: lou

I have used this combined with a sensible diet and exercise. I have lost more body fat while taking this. I have lost weight and I'm leaner and more toned. I like it so I'm going to keep taking it.

Reviewer: S6AWC

Great Product. Mixes well and tastes really good. This product allied with a proper regime will definately help your results. The product makes protein consupmption very easy. They key is proper use and training.

Reviewer: anon!

silly people it ixes great and tastes great and most of all if you train hard enuff it dose what it says !

Reviewer: loppy

was awful ..!! !
to be fair its very expensive and I trainned like hell with it however i think it would be cheaper if i went to mcdonalds and got a shake everyday for 99p insted of paying so much money for this product!! ! ! !

Reviewer: Ang

After reading reviews on here, I'd like to clarify that using whey protein is to help preserve muscle and as you work out more you loose fat and gain muscle! I've not lost weight like everyone else but I have lost body fat and increased my muscle mass which is really what this product is all about.

It tastes good, best results for mixing are achieved with a hand blender but if not you just have to shake for a little longer than normal.

If your tryin to loose weight with a fitness regime then this will work, if your looking for a wonder drink to loose weight without the effort then this isn't for you.

Reviewer: tom

i use this as a snack replacer in the mid morning time, i take 1 scoop and it stops me eating as much throughout the day, to be fair i have lost weight but this is probably due to my new regime more than anything else, it provides a decent amount of protein and stops me snacking so therefore it Does work

Reviewer: Gemma

Diet whey is decent and tastes really good but it was REALLY lumpy - spoiled the shake if I am honest, will stick to their normal whey protein from now on I think.

Reviewer: sort_out-your_diet

seriously.. diet whey is a joke! Its not bad for you per se but don't expect this to make a difference to your weight loss!

Sort the diet out - base each meal FIRST around some lean fish or meat, THEN some fibrous veg and then some good fat and you will lose weight easily!

Reviewer: bill

The flax in the protein make it have little bits when mixed, but however i find them quite pleasent. the efects are great! i'am retaining lean muscle and loosing fat, this is a great stack and i highly recomended these products - thanks to monster for the order!!

Reviewer: poppie

My PT recommended this to me as a good diet aid but i lost no weight at ALL with it. Tastes artificial and fake to be honest I think I would have been just as well off going to mcdonalds for a milkshake every day really!!

Reviewer: bossman

Way over priced, 1g of CLA a day, 300mg green tea a day - is this going to help with fat loss? NO!!

Got a free bag of this otherwise I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole - to be fair it mixes and tastes real nice, but you would be better off with a low fat low carb whey like whey 2 0 or instant whey instead of this 'diet' protein!

Reviewer: jen

So this is a bit of a mixed review I know but this stuff tastes nice, and mixes fine etc. but after buying it I did a bit of research and lets be honest it is a bit of a gimmick - not enough of the active ingredients to really help with fat loss (if they work at all!) so its just a slightly-more-expensive version of pharma whey really...
PhD Diet Whey (1kg) 5 out of 5 based on 88 ratings.



What Is PhD Diet Whey (1kg)?

PhD is a fat-burning protein shake, containing Whey protein, Milk Protein Concentrate, CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea, Flaxseed and Waxy Vol.

PhD Diet Whey (1kg) - Ingredients

PhD Lean Body Slow Release Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate (27%), Milk Protein Concentrate*, Soy Protein Isolate), Enduragrain(TM) Long Chain Waxy Barley Starch, Golden Brown Flaxseed Powder, Dietary Fibres (Acacia Gum, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum), Flavouring, CLA Powder (contains milk protein, Lecithin, Vitamin E anti-oxidants), Citric Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Natural Colour:- Beetroot Red, Green Tea Extract, Sodium Chloride, Sweetener:- Sucralose.

PhD Diet Whey (1kg) - Nutritional Information

PhD Diet Whey - Nutritional Information
  PER 100G PER 50G (2 scoops) PER 25G (1 scoop)
Energy 1608kj / 386kcal 804kj/193kcal 402kj/96.5kcal
Protein 70G 35G 17.5G
Carbohydrate 12.5G 6.25G 3.12G
Sugars 4.06G 2.03G 1.01G
Fats 6.15G 3.07G 1.53G
Of which Saturates 2.2G 1.1G 0.55G
Of which CLA 1000MG 500MG 250MG
Of which Flax oil 1200MG 600MG 300MG
Sodium 0.38G 0.19G 0.95G
PhD Iso-Tone 4- Containing
CLA Powder 1500MG 750MG 375MG
Flaxseed Powder 3000MG 1500MG 750MG
Green Tea Extract 400mg 200MG 100MG
Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg 250MG 125MG

PhD Diet Whey (1kg) - Directions For Use

Use 2-3 servings of Diet Whey daily to help ensure a lean and toned physique. Use at any stage throughout the day when a high-protein kick-start to the metabolism is needed!

PhD Diet Whey - For Men
Add 2 scoops of Diet Whey to 350ml of ice cold water and shake for 10 seconds. Diet Whey provides a smooth, full-bodied shake to enhance satiety throughout the day and help to stop sugar cravings to meet physique and performance goals.

PhD Diet Whey - For Women
Add 1 or 2 scoops (depending upon preference and requirements) of Diet Whey to 175ml (if used 1 scoop) or 350ml (if used 2 scoops) of ice cold water and shake for 10 seconds. Diet Whey provides a smooth, full-bodied shake to enhance satiety throughout the day and help to stop sugar cravings to meet physique and performance goals.

PhD Diet Whey (1kg) Side Effects

PhD Diet Whey (1kg) has no reported side effects - if you think this is incorrect please mail us on:


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